The Full Story

Prosperity Self Care Essentials was born from my desire to heal myself and my family with the power of nature. I spent years in my home kitchen researching and experimenting with different methods and recipes to find cures to various ailments that afflicted my household. The drive to fully embrace my mission to create and promote natural remedies came after my mother's third cancer diagnosis. It was then I decided that I would utilize my ingenuity and knowledge of self-care to develop products that not only healed my family but also the world.


Here at Prosperity Self Care Essentials LLC our goal is to provide you with quality smudging sage, meditation crystals, handmade bath and body products, herbs, and many other quality products within our metaphysical and holistic self care store. 

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Our products are to help you feel good within yourself. Whether, you decide to have a spa day at home, a jog around the neighborhood, or just a day to simply enjoy YOU. We are committed to bringing you quality products and the best customer service to further your self-care experience.