The Importance of Metaphysical & Holistic Self Care


Metaphysical self-care is the process of discovering and nourishing a sense of attachment to a higher self and purpose in our life. Your higher self is who you are as a person. The true self is the unadulterated expression of who you were born to be and what you have to offer the world, and it is exciting, inspirational, and most importantly, feels right. It is just as essential to nourish your body with food similar to feed your soul with spirit. Holistic self-care entails taking care of ourselves physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually while exercising all aspects of our well-being on a regular and consistent basis in a thoughtful and balanced manner as follows:

Yoga harmonizes your body, mind, and soul, and it is tailored to your specific needs at any given time. It allows you to connect with your body and deep-seated emotions. It also promotes non-judgment and acceptance of your life, knowing that you are laying a solid foundation for a more empowered existence.

Meditation can help you reduce stress and better understand who you are and what you want out of life. Meditation can help you reduce stress and better understand who you are and what you want out of life. It can also aid in anxiety management, emotional well-being, and self-awareness. Essential oils can be administered to the wrists, neck, and heart area while meditating, and each application can bring about positive energy.

Mindful Walking allows you to put life on hold and focus solely on the present moment. Breathing in the fresh air, feeling the concrete beneath your feet, and looking up at the clear blue sky are all subtle methods to occasion and nurture the senses.

Cleansing your space and removing lousy energy helps create a more conducive setting for connecting with our higher selves. Another option to purify your area is to use sage, burning sage has been proven to remove negative energy, tap into an inner calm, and nurture your spiritual self-care practice, mind, body, and soul.

Essential oils can help you cleanse your emotional and mental energy. You can also use essential oils to help cleanse your physical space.

Another strategy to develop a spiritual self-care practice is to immerse yourself in a group that shares your values. You allow yourself to build your connection to your most authentic self when you surround yourself with like-minded persons you respect and admire.

Another option to develop a spiritual self-care practice is to join a group with similar beliefs to your own. It allows you to enhance your connection to your higher self.

Crystals, singing bowls, gongs and bells, tarot cards, herbs, and essential oils are among the spiritual items that can use to develop a ritual or practice that supports your self-care journey.

Journaling allows us to express and work through thoughts and emotions that we don't feel comfortable sharing with others and give a safe area to validate and pour out our innermost sentiments, which is necessary for spiritual growth. I highly suggest in getting a manifestation journal. We will speak more on that topic at a later time.

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